We do more than marketing.
We are the complete business partner for a cosmetic clinic.

Our philosophy is simple – we believe that every cosmetic clinic can be successful with the correct foundations, structure and measurement. We want to partner with clinic owners to help them achieve their goals by sharing our knowledge and expertise in this area.

Having worked together for 4 years, we have skillsets that are complimentary and cover all main aspects of running a business. Coupled with our deep knowledge of the cosmetic medicine industry we are able to advise and council our clients on the best path to take that will lead to success.

Throughout our careers we have worked with 100s of clinics and have seen what works, and have also had insight into why clinics struggle to grow. There are many activities that can waste a lot of time and money with little return so it is really important to have the right strategy with the right structure.

  • eight 10 provides

Strong Cosmetic Medicine industry experience
Sales, marketing, finance and commercial expertise
An offering tailored to your business needs
Experience in identifying opportunities and solution implementation

To discuss our capabilities further and see how we can help your business contact us today.

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