Our motivation is your success and achievement of your goals

If you are a new clinic owner we want to work with you to help establish strong foundations for the business. Everything from finance and patient management systems to your patient’s value journey and marketing strategy leverage our experience to help guide and support your decisions.


If you are an existing clinic owner we want to work with you to identify opportunities for growth moving forward. We begin by completing a Gap Analysis of your current business. This helps to identify any challenges and opportunities that you currently face.  Then by taking into consideration your vision for the clinic, we can then develop a strong strategic plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

  • We provide the following services to help drive your business success:

If your clinic is more than 1 year old it is a worthwhile exercise to run a Gap Analysis across the whole business. This helps you identify what is working well, and what are the challenges that are holding your business back. By reviewing every aspect of your business eight10 are able to identify opportunity for your business moving forward.

Each clinic has a unique position in the market as location, services, clientele etc vary considerably. Working together will identify how to position you and your clinic in your specific market and a strategy to achieve success. Importantly, eight10 can help guide your activities so that your clinic walks the talk.

The old saying that businesses don’t plan to fail.. they fail to plan, runs true for cosmetic clinics also. As the industry continues to grow and mature, having a clear idea of what success looks like to you and the steps to take to achieve your success is vitally important. eight10 can help you to create a plan, set realistic goals and help you track your success or adjust as your business grows.

Marketing is the art of getting people excited about what you have to offer, and whilst it is easy to try to do marketing yourself, it is difficult to execute marketing well and gain real results. Marketing is a broad term that embodies social media, digital, content, print. With all of these different types of marketing how do you know what type is worth your investment? eight10 can answer this question for you and develop a strong plan to drive your brands success. This has been proven to save clinics time and money!

Having a great plan is only part of the journey. It is then essential that this plan becomes a living document and is implemented well. Giving eight10 responsibility to drive the implementation of the plan ensures that all aspects are considered and appropriately time-lined to give maximum return.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been running your clinic for years, it is valuable to be able to discuss ideas for your business or any challenges you are encountering. We will help you decide on a course of action that will aid you in achieving your goals. Examples of this would be ‘How do I transition from my GP role to a full time cosmetic Dr?’, ‘I need a succession plan for my business’, ‘how do I compete within this market?’

To help  drive strategy within your clinic it is a good idea to run a workshop to ensure all of your staff understand your strategy and are motivated & engaged to help you succeed. We are happy to run clinic workshops as required to expedite this process. We can run a workshop on any of the topics above to help better equip your staff.

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